Level and Pressure Measurement

Submersible Level Transmitters

Submersible Level Transmitters

Keller submersible level transmitters are known for their superior reliability, reasonable cost, and ready availability. They feature small size and integral signal conditioning; simplifying installation anywhere quality liquid level sensors are needed.

Best of all, Keller level probes provide the user with an infinite combination of level ranges, several output options, and custom cable lengths, all with a standard delivery time of only 3 business days, ensuring the perfect fit for new or existing installations and monitoring equipment. They are frequently paired with a SCADA, PLC, or compatible display/control system for use as a water level indicator or controller.

For more information on Keller submersible level transmitters, or for assistance in choosing the best product for your project, please contact one of Keller's sales engineers.

U.S. Built Submersible Level Transmitters


High Accuracy Analog Digital Submersible Level Transmitter - NSF 61 & NSF 372 Approved

Acculevel SDI

High Accuracy SDI-12 Submersible Level Transmitter - NSF 61 & NSF 372 Approved


Precision SDI-12 Submersible Level Transmitter


SDI-12 Convertible Level Transmitter


OEM Submersible Level Transmitter


General Purpose Submersible Level Transmitter - NSF 61 & NSF 372 Approved


Non-Fouling Lift Station Level Transmitter


Micro-Bore Submersible Level Transmitter


Very Low Range Submersible Transmitter

Swiss Built Submersible Level Transmitters


Tank contents measurement system for all tanks shapes and sizes

Series 26W

General purpose submersible level transmitter

Series 36 XW

High accuracy analog digital output submersible level transmitter

Series 36 XW Ei

High-precision submersible level transmitter for hazardous applications

Series 36 XiW CTD

High-precision Multi-parameter transmitter for water quality

Series 46X / 46XEi

Submersible transmitters for water level measurements