Application Notes: Data acquisition with the Trimble Nomad & Keller DCX data-logger


1) A Trimble Nomad (or similar Windows Mobile1).

2) RS232 port boot option (USB interfaces are not supported for the Logger CE software).

3) Keller DCX series data-logger

4) Keller K-103A RS232-to-RS485 converter


1 While Keller data-loggers and interface converters will theoretically work with any Windows Mobile device that supports a physical RS232 communications port, due to the myriad of hardware implementations we can only provide support for the Trimble Nomad device at this time.

Step 1 – Installing the Logger CE software

Download the Keller Logger CE software from this link:

At this point make sure that your Windows Mobile device is connected to your PC and configured to work with Microsoft ActiveSync (consult your Windows Mobile device documentation for details).

To install the Logger CE software simply run the executable file you downloaded previously. Once installed, the Windows Mobile device should prompt you to reboot. After that, the software should be installed and available to use in your Programs folder.

Step 2 – Connecting the interface converter and data-logger

This is fairly straight forward; just plug in the K-103A interface in to the RS-232 port of the Windows Mobile device. Then connect your DCX series data-logger to the the K-103A (please note that an optional cable is required for use with the DCX Eco line of data-loggers).

Step 3 – Running the Reader CE & Writer CE software

A full explanation of all the features of these two applications is beyond the scope of this article, however I will give you a brief overview. You can consult our Logger DCX software manual for more details on the various features and options within the Reader CE & Writer CE software.

Writter CE – This application allows you configure the various setup options for your data-logger. For example, you can configure the logger to log data at regular intervals, or to only log once an event trigger occurs.

Reader CE – This application will allow you to read out the data collected by the data-logger. This data can be views on the mobile device, or with our desktop Logger DCX software suite for more robust viewing options. If your mobile device supports WiFi you can also email these data files to another location.