NSF-Approved Submersible Level Transmitters

Keller America is very excited to announce that three of its most popular submersible level transmitters have been approved to NSF 61 and NSF 372 standards for water quality. These approvals assure that these transmitters are safe for use in drinking water applications nationwide. 

The Acculevel, Acculevel SDI, and Levelgage all carry this approval, giving Keller America the most versatile and economical lineup of NSF-approved transmitters on the market. 

For assistance choosing the best Keller instrument for your drinking water application, contact Keller America today!

Keller America Submersible Cable Upgrade Announcement

Keller America, Inc. is pleased to announce that we have upgraded the standard polyethylene (PE) jacketed cable that is employed on our submersible level transmitters and pressure transmitters. The new crosslinked polyethylene (XLPE) cable jacket provides improved chemical resistance, toughness, and resistance to stress cracking¹, as well as NSF/ANSI 61 compliance. Effective today, the XLPE jacketed cable is the new standard recommended for all water and wastewater applications.
1. Source – United States Plastics Corp., https://www.usplastic.com/knowledgebase/article.aspx?contentkey=508

New SDI-12 Level and Pressure Transmitters from Keller

Keller is very happy to announce the addition of the new Acculevel SDI and Preciseline SDI instruments to the Digilevel to offer a complete line of SDI-12 level and pressure transmitters.

Acculevel SDI

The Acculevel SDI is a submersible level transmitter that has a standard 0.1% FS Total Error Band accuracy, but can also be ordered to meet the USGS OSW accuracy specification.

The Preciseline SDI is a pressure transmitter with a 1/4″-18 MNPT pressure connection for use in bubbler applications and offer the same accuracy options as the Acculevel SDI.

Preciseline SDI

These instruments are a lower cost option than the Digilevel and are ideally suited for users that are already familiar with SDI-12 communications,a s they support the SDI-12 v 1.3 commands.

Of course, the Keller Digilevel still remains the flagship SDI-12 transmitter; an excellent instrument for novice and advanced users, alike. The Digilevel communicates via SDI-12 v1.3, or can be placed in one of several modes that emulate other SDI-12 instruments and their unique extended commands. Or, for those users who are less familiar with SDI-12 commands, the Digilevel can be connected to a PC for configuration through Keller’s user-friendly GUI (USB Dongle sold separately).

Click HERE for the Acculevel SDI datasheet.

Click HERE for the Preciseline SDI datasheet.

or Click HERE for the Digilevel datasheet.