Level and Pressure Measurement

Series Xi W (CTD) High Precision Multi-Parameter Level Transmitter

Series XI W (CTD) Submersible Level Transmitter

The 36 Xi W series is built on the latest-generation microcontroller platform, which KELLER has developed to meet extremely high precision requirements and increase compatibility with a wide variety of interfaces. Along with pressure (level) information, digital interfaces also transmit other water parameters such as temperature and conductivity.

The 36 Xi W series is based on the proven KELLER 36 X W series using the high-quality 10 L-series pressure transducer. All series X pressure level transmitters feature an RS485 interface, which provide pressure and temperature standard, while versions requiring higher accuraty, temperature or conductivity sensor are available options. Multi-parameter probes fitted with pressure, temperature and conductivity sensors (CTD ق€“ conductivity, temperature, depth), are approximately 90 mm longer.


ق€ Pressure sensor: resolution 5 ppm

ق€ Mathematical compensation of nonlinearities and temperature dependencies

ق€ Sturdy stainless steel housing (titanium or Hastelloy also available)

ق€ Extended lightning protection fitted to the SDI-12 interface as standard

ق€ Level measuring ranges from 0ق€3 m to 0ق€300 m. Higher ranges are possible using a Sub-Connآ connector

ق€ Ultra-high long-term stability

Pressure Ranges

Water column ca.
0,3...30 bar (rel.)
0,8ق€2 bar to 0,8ق€31 bar (abs.)
3ق€300 m
Measuring range Conductivity 0,2 / 2 / 20 / 200 mS/cm
Digital Interface RS485
Accuracy آ 0,02 %FS max.
(0,3 bar Range: آ 0,04 %FS)
Long-term stability, ranges > 1 bar
Long-term stability, ranges ≤ 1 bar
آ 0,1 %FS max.
آ 1 mbar max.

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