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Series PRD-33X Differential Pressure Transmitter

Series PRD-33X Differential Pressure Transmitter

The Series PRD-33 X was developed for applications that require a high accuracy differential pressure measurement together with high overload resistance in differential pressure ranges as low as 350 mbar.

The Series PRD-33 X is the result of ongoing development of the KELLER PD-33 X differential pressure transmitter. Thanks to a second integrated pressure sensor, the line, or common mode, pressure can now be measured along with the differential pressure, resulting in several notable features not found in traditional differential pressure transmitters.

For example, compensation for line pressure effect is now accomplished during factory calibration. Moreover, both differential and line (absolute) pressure may be read by the user. In addition, the PRD-33 X features high differential overload resistance; e.g., ± 35 bar with a differential measuring range of only 350 mbar (100:1).

The internal differential pressure sensor element is isolated from the High (+) side media by a compliant stainless steel diaphragm, while the Low (-) side media impinges directly on the back side of the silicon measuring cell. Also isolated from the High (+) side media is the line (absolute) pressure sensor. The floating sensor assembly guarantees maximum decoupling from external mechanical forces.

Pressure Ranges 0…350 mbar diff., 40 bar abs.
0…1 bar diff., 40 bar abs.
0…3 bar diff., 40 bar abs.
Accuracy ± 0,05 %FS
Total Error Band -30…+ 60 °C ± 0,2 %FS
Storage-/Operating Temperature Range -40…+ 80 °C
Protection IP65

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