Level and Pressure Measurement

Series 39X Differential Pressure Transmitter

Series 39X Differential Pressure Transmitter

The Series PD-39 X does not measure the differential pressure directly – instead, it uses two absolute pressure sensors to take the measurement indirectly. As well as reducing costs, this differential pressure transmitter is also more robust in relation to unbalanced (one-sided) overloading. The differential pressure range should be at least 5% of the standard pressure range. Each pressure side has two pressure connections, so the

Pressure measurements can be displayed and recorded on PC or Laptop with help of the software ControlCenterSeries30 (CCS30) and a serial interface cable. Export of recordings to usual file formats possible. Up to 128 devices can be connected together into a KELLER Bus-system.

Intrinsically Safe Version Series PD-39 X Ei available (data sheet in preparation). 

Standard Pressure Ranges see data sheet
Output 4...20 mA (2 Wire)
0...10 V (3 Wire)
Error Band typ. < 0,05 %FS
Long Term Stability typ. 0,1%

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Download Series 39X Ei Manual

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