Level and Pressure Measurement

Series 35X HTC High Temperature Pressure Transmitter

Series 35X HTC High Temperature Pressure Transmitter

This piezoresistive high temperature transmitter is suited for media temperatures up to 300°C. The pressure, acting onto the flush diaphragm, is transferred over an oil-filled capillary onto the silicon measuring cell. The capillary has the function of a cooling spiral, allowing media temperatures of up to 300°C. The temperature of the electronics, which can be read out with the PROG30 software, may not exceed 120 °C. For highly aggressive media, KELLER offers pressure ports in different materials.

Pressure measurements can be displayed and recorded on PC or Laptop with help of the software ControlCenterSeries30 (CCS30) and a serial interface cable. Export of recordings to usual file formats possible. Up to 128 devices can be connected together into a KELLER Bus-system.

Pressure Ranges 0...1000 bar (abs./rel.)
Output RS485
4...20 mA
0...10 V
Precision 0,5 %FS
Linearity (best straight line) 0,05 %FS
Storage-/Operating Temperature Range Media: 0…300 °C 
Electronics: 0…120 °C

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