Level and Pressure Measurement

Series 35X HT(T) High Temperature Pressure Transmitter

Series 35X HT(T) High Temperature Pressure Transmitter

Piezoresistive pressure transmitter for applications in bio-reactors or autoclaves. The transmitter is compensated up to 150 °C and may be operated continuously or sterilised at this level, including the special circuit electronics.

The transmitters are supplied in absolute or gauge versions, with current or voltage output.

The sensing component is a micro-machined silicon pressure chip of high sensitivity. An independent temperature sensor is integrated on the surface of the silicon chip.

Pressure measurements can be displayed and recorded on PC or Laptop with help of the software ControlCenterSeries30 (CCS30) and a serial interface cable. Export of recordings to usual file formats possible. Up to 128 devices can be connected together into a KELLER Bus-system.

Pressure Ranges -1...30 bar (abs./rel.)
Output RS485
4...20 mA (2-Wire)
0...10 V (3-Wire)
Accuracy (20…120 °C) 0,15 %FS (RS485)
0,2 %FS (2-/3-Wire)
Resolution 0,002 %FS
Stability, Range > 2 bar
Stability, Range < 2 bar
2 mbar
0,2 %FS
Storage- / Operating Temp. Range -20…150 °C (electronics max. 120 °C)

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