Level and Pressure Measurement

Series 21PY Miniature Pressure Transmitter

Series 21PY Miniature Pressure Transmitter

Ultramodern welding techniques and advances in the miniaturization of electronic circuits now make it possible to manufacture a pre-insulated, piezoresistive micro-transmitter with properties that were no more than a dream 10 years ago.

The circuit is based on the PromComp principle which KELLER offered in a separate version as a laboratory device 20 years ago when it attained accuracy of 0.1 %FS over a temperature range of 100 K. In those days the electronic circuitry was the size of a cigar box, but now it can be accommodated on a print that is a mere 12 mm in diameter.

Although this digital component is only slightly more expensive to produce than an analog circuit, it allows a piezoresistive sensor to be calibrated to an accuracy of 0.5 %FS over a potential temperature range of 100 K.

Supply 8...28VDC
Pressure Ranges from 10 bar FS to 600 bar FS (abs.)
Output 3-wire - 0.5...4.5 VDC Non-ratiometric
Linearity (bfsl) Standard: max. ±0,5 %FS
Premium: max. ±0,25 %FS

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