Level and Pressure Measurement

Series 21 PHB Ultra-fast and Precise Pressure Transmitter

Series 21 PHB Ultra-fast and Precise Pressure Transmitter

Bandwidth 20 kHz / Accuracy 0,1 %FS The Series 21PHB pressure transmitters, with their 0…20 kHz dynamic range and M6 pressure connection, are optimized both for dynamic (i.e. fast pressure pulsations at close proximity) as well as static pressure measurements. The sensor design enables good media compatibility and supports measurements at temperatures of up to 100 °C.

The circuitry for the Series 21PHB was specifically developed to take advantage of the high dynamic and compact range of the 21P sensor head. The signal path remains entirely analog, although it is readjusted in real time by means of a high-precision digital compensation circuit. This ensures the full dynamic range of the sensor and the accuracy of the measurement signal are maintained across the entire 0…20 kHz bandwidth. With a temperature range of -40…+125 °C, the remote signal converter satisfies the exceptional demands associated with hostile environments; e.g., engine test benches. The sensor head alone, i.e., without the remote signal converter, is available for those applications better served by a sensor with 80 mV output (@ 1 mA supply). Included with this configuration is a calibration card providing the user with actual test data taken from the sensor during factory calibration (Series 21P).

Sensor Technology:
The Series 21P is based on a piezoresistive pressure sensor, which is built into an oil-filled insulated capsule within me­tallic housing. This technology is characterised by a high overload resistance, excellent long term stability and exceptional media resistance. The miniaturisation of the sensor head allows a close connection to the measuring medium and is key to the extremely dynamic range of 0…20 kHz.

Performance Characteristics

  • High media resistant sensor head
  • Completely welded (with no internal seals)
  • Broad compensated temperature range -10…80 °C
  • Excellent dynamic response from static to 20 kHz (pulsation measurements)
  • Extremely compact design, pressure connection: M6 x 0,5 fine thread
  • Robust construction (IP67), suitable for use on test benches
  • Pressure ranges 10 to 600 bar (absolute)
Pressure Ranges 0…10 to 0…600 bar
Accuracy ± 0,1 %FS
Total Error Band ± 0,5 %FS @ -10…80 °C

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