Level and Pressure Measurement

LPX, MPX, and HPX Pressure Calibrators

LPX, MPX, and HPX Pressure Calibrators

KELLER pressure calibrators are highly accurate calibration instruments which are available for the following pressure ranges: -0.85...10 bar (LPX), -0.85...25 bar (MPX) or 0...700 bar (HPX) (special measurement ranges are available on request).

The pressure generator is combined with the pressure display in a functional housing. The pressure on a test object that is fitted to the calibrator can be built up quickly, and tracking is made easy thanks to the integrated display.

Measurement work is made easier by a wide range of functions, such as setting any desired pressure zero point, display of peak and trough pressure values, or leak measurements.

Furthermore, the applied pressure can be displayed directly on a computer via the integrated interface (USB converter), after which it can be saved and processed or managed in any desired manner.

The calibrator, including accessories, is supplied in a durable carrying case, making it ideal for assignments in the field.

Pressure Ranges Low Pressure -0,85...10 bar
Pressure Ranges Medium Pressure -0,85...25 bar
Pressure Ranges High Pressure 0...700 bar
Total Accuracy typ. ± 0,05 %FS / max. ± 0,1 %FS

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