Level and Pressure Measurement

Series 9 OEM Pressure Transducer

Series 9 OEM Pressure Transducer

The Series 9 pressure sensor is the most economic version for pressure ranges from 100 mbar to 200 bar. The standard version is supplied with connecting pins (lead outs are fitted only on request) and the serial number is not engraved

A high-sensitivity piezoresistive silicon chip is used for pressure sensing. The chip is protected against ambient influences by a stainless steel housing sealed with a concentrically corrugated diaphragm. The housing is filled with silicone oil for the transfer of the pressure from the diaphragm to the sensing component.

Typical Applications: Measurement of altitude, aviation electronics, meteorology, servo controls, robotics, hydraulics, sanitary and pharmaceutical engineering, underground mining, injection engineering...

Pressure Ranges 0,2...200 bar
Dimensions ø 19 x 5 mm
Accuracy typ. 0,5 %FS, max. 1,0 %FS
Long Term Stability typ. 0,5 mV

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