Level and Pressure Measurement

Series 8 OEM Pressure Transducer

Series 8 OEM Pressure Transducer

The Series 8 pressure sensors are extremely durable, even when exposed to fast pressure peaks. They have been developed especially for the measurement of high pressures. For ranges 400…1000 bar, the Series 8 sensor uses a thicker glass feed through and a wire-bonded measuring cell.

A high-sensitivity piezoresistive silicon chip is used for pressure sensing. The chip is protected against ambient influences by a stainless steel housing sealed with a concentrically corrugated diaphragm. The housing is filled with silicone oil for the transfer of the pressure from the diaphragm to the sensing component.

Typical applications: Industrial processes, aviation electronics, servo controls, oil industry, robotics…

Pressure Ranges 10...1500 bar (sealed)
Dimensions ø 15 x 13 mm
Accuracy typ. 0,5 %FS, max. 1,0 %FS
Long Term Stability 0,5 mV

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