Level and Pressure Measurement

Series 7S / 9S OEM Pressure Transducers

Series 7S / 9S OEM Pressure Transducers

The Series 7S / 9S provide low mass, smaller one-piece housing with a brazed stainless steel diaphragm for lower production cost, giving excellent long-term stability combined with easy installation.

The Series 7 S / 9 S transducers are constructed from 316L stainless steel, using a high temperature hydrogen brazing technique; the brazed 316L diaphragms are highly resistant to corrosion. The diaphragm of the Series 9 FL is laser welded with the housing. Electrical connection is made via a five pin header. Lead-out wires, or a PCB, can be soldered directly to the header pins. Series 7SE / 9SE versions are supplied with PCB fitted.

Typical applications are, heating pumps, autoclaves and dialyzers. Other applications include measurement of altitude, avionics, meteorology, servo controls, robotics, hydraulics, hygienic and pharmaceutical engineering, drift mining, injectors, and many more.

Pressure Ranges 0,1...200 bar (abs., rel.)
Dimensions see Data Sheet
Accuracy 0,5 %FS typ.
Compensated Range -10…80 °C

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