Level and Pressure Measurement

Series 6M / S(C) OEM Pressure Transducers

Series 6M / S(C) OEM Pressure Transducers

These piezoresistive pressure transmitter-heads are produced on the new KELLER automatic brazing lines, making possible the mass production of high quality pressure transmitters at low cost. This new technology allows the crevice-free construction of the pressure port without using seals or O-rings. In the brass sensor line (Series 6 MC), a steel insert and a nickel diaphragm are brazed into a brass housing. In the steel version (Series 6 S, Series 6 SC), all parts are of stainless steel (AISI 316 L). The header with the silicon pressure sensor and the glass feed-through pins are welded to the steel insert underneath the oil filling.

These transducers are the ideal basis for pressure transmitters, pressure switches or digital pressure instruments.

Excitation Constant Current 0,5 to 5 mA; 
(Specifications apply for 4 mA)
Pressure Ranges 6 MC / 6 SC: 5...200 bar
6 S: 0,3...1000 bar
Connection G1/4"
Linearity 6 S / SC: 0,5 %FS
6 MC: 1,0 %FS

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