Level and Pressure Measurement

Series 6 OEM Pressure Transducer

Series 6 OEM Pressure Transducer

The Series 6 capsules are of all welded stainless steel construction, with integral media isolation diaphragm. No O-ring seals are used. The Series 6 uses a silicon TAB sensor mounted in the oil filled stainless steel capsule, providing a highly stable measuring cell with negligible hysteresis, high output signal and a life of millions of pressure cycles.

TAB (Tape Automated Bonding) is a flexible printed circuit system for interconnection between the silicon sensor and the capsule output pins, offering improved reliability and significantly lower production costs.

Pressure Ranges 10...200 bar (abs. / rel.)
Connection G 1/4"
Linearity typ. 0,25 %FS, max. 0,5 %FS

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