Level and Pressure Measurement

Series 2 / 4 Low Cost Pressure Sensors

Series 2 / 4 Low Cost Pressure Sensors

The Series 2 and 4 pressure sensors are suited for direct-mounting on printed circuit boards or if small dimensions and low prices are required.

Series 2: The medium is acting directly on the silicon chip with contacts for the bridge. It is designed for applications in dry air and atmosphere only.

Series 4: The medium acts on the rear side of the silicon chip. The pressure medium may be wet, including applications in gas, water and non-aggressive fluids with benign reference atmosphere. Ideal for under pressure measurements.

Pressure Ranges, Series 2
Pressure Ranges, Series 4
-0,1...10 bar (abs./rel./diff.)
-0,1...5 bar (rel./diff.)
Linearity typ. 0,25 %FS
Stability typ. 1 mV
Storage-/Operating Temperature -10...80 °C

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