Level and Pressure Measurement

Series 13 Pressure Transducer

Series 13 Pressure Transducer

Water cooled pressure transducers are used for accurate static and dynamic measurements in fluids up to 350 °C. The sensor, an integrated silicon cell with four diffused strain gauge resistors, is located in the water cooled section of the oil-filled body. The oil transmits the pressure from the flush steel diaphragm to the sensor, isolating it from the temperature of the media. This allows very accurate pressure measurements over a wide temperature range without influencing the pressure or flow conditions.

Originally developed for blow down tests on water cooled reactors, these transducers find many applications in high temperature chemical reactions and engine tests.

Pressure Ranges 10...1000 bar (abs)
Linearity (incl. Hysteresis) < 0,5 %FS (0,1 % / 0,2 %FS at reduced FS)
Repeatability < 0,1 %FS
Operating Temperature 20...350 °C media temperature

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