Level and Pressure Measurement

Series 11 Pressure Transducer

Series 11 Pressure Transducer

The KELLER Series 11 combines the proven Series 10 sensor with the compensation resistors in a stainless steel housing. The sensor floats on an O-ring seal and is therefore free of any housing stresses. It is particularly suited in connection with µP-based signal processing. Transducers can be ordered with the coefficients of a mathematical model ready for integration with a µP-based system. Error Bands of 0.1%…0.01 %FS are achievable, depending on the temperature ranges.

While the Series 11 fulfills all the classical functions expected of a mV-transducer, it is often used in development of larger OEM projects to test the performance of the KELLER OEM sensors. As a special order, any OEM sensor from Series 3 to 10 can be ordered in such a housing, with or without integrated compensation resistors. The customer can then verify that the chosen OEM sensor is suitable for the application.

Pressure Ranges 0,1...1000 bar (abs./rel.)
Linearity < 0,5 %FS
Long Term Stability typ. < 0,25 mV

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