Level and Pressure Measurement

PA-22 PS Pressure Switch

PA-22 PS Pressure Switch

The PA-22 PS is a compact programmable pressure switch and pressure transmitter. It offers continuous analog 0.5-4.5 V signal for process monitoring and switch functions to activate alarms or control relays at predetermined pressure levels. The PA-22PS provides two independent switches for hi/lo control functions.

These solid state switches are not subject to wear and can be factory programmed in either PNP or NPN outputs. The optional DV-22 PP programmer (external supply) allows the user to easily change settings. This programmer can also be linked to a laptop/PC for use with Keller's "Pressure Switch Console" software.

The following characteristics can be programmed either at the factory, or by the User via the DV-22 PP:

  • Switching thresholds
  • Hysteresis / window function
  • Normally open / normally closed
  • Switching delay
Pressure Ranges - Absolute 4…400 bar
Error Band (0…80 °C) 2 %FS
Operating Temperature -40…125 °C
Protection IP 67
Dimensions 26 x 53 mm

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