Level and Pressure Measurement

LEX 1 Highly Precise Digital Pressure Gauge

LEX-1 Highly Precise Digital Pressure Gauge

LEX 1 is a micro-processor controlled, accurate and versatile digital pressure measuring instrument with integrated Max./Min. function for calibration and testing purposes.

The pressure is measured twice per second and displayed. The top display indicates the actual pressure, the bottom display shows the Max. or Min. pressure since the last RESET.

LEX 1 has two operating keys. The left key is to turn the instrument on, to select the functions and the pressure units. The right key executes the selected function resp. unit or serves to display the Max. and Min. value.

Also available as intrinsically safe version (LEX 1 Ei).

Pressure Ranges Bar -1...2 bar
-1...20 bar
0...200 bar
0...400 bar 
0...1000 bar
Precision * 0,05 %FS
100 mbar
300 mbar
Precision opt. (=20 bar) * 0,025 %FS / 0,01 %FS
Storage / Operating Temperature -10...60 °C / 0...50 °C
Protection IP65

Pressure measurements can be displayed and recorded on PC or Laptop with help of the software ControlCenterSeries30 (CCS30) and a serial interface cable. Export of recordings to usual file formats possible. Up to 128 devices can be connected together into a KELLER Bus-system.

"Accuracy" is an absolute term, "Precision" a relative term. Dead weight testers are primary standards for pressure, where the pressure is defined by the primary values of mass, length and time. Highest class primary standards in national laboratories indicate the uncertainty of their pressure references with 70 to 90 ppM or close to 0,01%.

Commercial dead weight testers as used in our facilities to calibrate the transmitters and manometers indicate an uncertainty or accuracy of 0,025 %. Below these levels, KELLER use the expression "Precision" as the ability of a pressure transmitter or manometer to be at each pressure point within 0.01 %FS relative to these commercial standards. The manometer's full-scale output can be set up to match any standard of your choice by correcting the gain with a calibration software.

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