Level and Pressure Measurement

LEO-3 Intelligent Transmitter with Digital Indication

LEO-3 Intelligent Transmitter with Digital Indication

LEO 3 is a micro-processor based transmitter with digital double-display for pressure (top display) and for the output signal (bottom display). The display is powered from the 4...20 mA current loop.


  • MAX/MIN: Activating the right key brings the Max. and Min. values to the lower display. After 5 seconds, the analog signal is indicated again.
  • RESET: The Max. and Min. values are set to actual.
  • ZERO SET: The zero is set to the applied pressure.
  • ZERO RES: Restores the instrument back to factory settings.
  • UNITS: The pressure values can be displayed in different units.
Pressure Ranges Bar 0...4 bar abs.
0...30 bar abs.
0...300 bar
0...700 bar
0...1000 bar
Accuracy at Room Temperature < 0,1 %FS
Temperature Range 0...40°C
Total Error Band 0…50 °C < 0,2 %FS
Protection IP65

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