Level and Pressure Measurement

dV-1 Miniature Pressure Gauge

DV-1-Miniature Pressure Gauge

Cutting-edge micro-controller technology has made it possible to produce an extremely small and compact pressure gauge with a digital display and very low power consumption. The dV-1 pressure gauge is available in bar and PSI units, displayed with a resolution of 0.5 %FS and a measuring interval of 500 ms. There are two versions: One has an ON/OFF button to activate the instrument, and the other version without a button automatically activates the display when pressure is applied. The devices are available in the typical daVinci line oval housing or as an OEM module that can be integrated into the customer's system. Highly competitive pricing and striking simplicity (with no more than one button) make the dV-1 pressure gauge the ideal basis for OEM devices that can be adapted at little expense to meet customers' requirements (design, software, pressure sensor connection, pressure range, battery contacts and display) depending on the volumes required.

Pressure Ranges 0...1,99 bar
0...9,95 bar
0...19,9 bar
0...99,5 bar
0...199 bar
Pressure Ranges PSI 0...99.5 PSI
0...199 PSI 
0...995 PSI
Linearity 1% FS
Temperature Range 0...40°C
Protection IP64
Dimensions OEM: 33 x 18 x 10 mm
Small housing: 50 x 34 x 20 mm
Big housing: 68 x 70 x 35 mm

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