Level and Pressure Measurement

EV-120 Digital Pressure Indicator

EV-120 Digital Pressure Indicator

The EV-120 is a digital pressure indicator, designed for use in conjunction with a KELLER Series 30 transmitter. Together, these two instruments build a highly precise pressure measuring device. At startup, the EV-120 communicates with the Series 30 transmitter and displays the full-scale pressure range of the transmitter, then displays the current pressure value, updating twice per second.

No manual adjustments are required; the EV-120 automatically configures itself to any Series 30 transmitter. Because the pressure is communicated and read in digital format, there are no signal conversion errors.

Accuracy See specifications of KELLER's Series 30 transmitters
Storage - / Operating Temperature -20...60 °C / 0...50 °C
Compensated temperature range See specifications Series 30
Protection IP40

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