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EV-06 Digital Indicator and Controller

EV-06 Digital Indicator and Controller

The EV-06 digital indicator is faster,  more precise, more reliable, and equipped with additional inputs to make it universally applicable for measurement display, controlling, monitoring, and counting applications. The vast self-monitoring and self-diagnosis system ensures high operation security. The high precision, operating mode diversity, competitive price and ease of use results in the EV-06 being a valuable investment.

6 standard signals, EasyBus (up to 240 instruments), power supply for sensor (24 V, 20 mA), Interface EasyBus, 2 switching outputs (5 A/10 A), PT100 (3-wire), PT1000 (2-wire), min.-/max.-value memory, thermo-elements J/K/N/S/T, scale fully adjustable, measuring of frequency, filter digital, measuring of rotation speed, alarm delay, counter with prescaler, self-monitoring and self-diagnosis system, easy to use, top quality and competitively priced, fast controlling and monitoring. For detailed specifications see operation manual.

Supply 230 V AC
Input 0...1 V
0...10 V
4...20 mA
0...20 mA
Display 9999
Housing Dimensions 48 x 96 x 119 mm

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