Level and Pressure Measurement

Optional Accessories

Optional Accessories

Keller America offers a variety of optional accessories designed to enhance versatility, simplify the installation, and increase the longevity of your Keller pressure or level transmitter. If you have any questions, or would like to discuss your particular application in more detail, contact Keller America today!

Bellows Assembly:

Alternative to the drying tube, this aneroid bellows attaches to cable vent tube and requires no periodic maintenance. Note that the use of the bellows results in a closed reference pressure system subject to zero shift errors induced by changing temperatures of up to 0.0004 psi/ºC. Not recommended for use with accuracy requirements of ±0.25% FS or better, or ranges < 2 psi.

Stabilizing Weight:

Zinc prop shaft anode adapted to fit Ø21 mm O.D. of Levelgage, Acculevel, and LevelRat submersible level transmitters. Aids in corrosion resistance as well as helps ensure that the cable remains taut in turbulent conditions.

Pressure test adapter:

These custom built assemblies are designed to facilitate calibration and maintenance testing. Versions are available to connect the Acculevel, Levelgage, LevelRat, and Microlevel to a pressure calibrator.

Cable Hanger:

Single eye mesh cord grip style cable hanger for use with Keller's 0.230 inch O.D. cables

Termination Enclosure:

Convenient option complementing gauge-type pressure/level transmitters, where it is desired to terminate the transmitter cable close to the measurement point. It includes a NEMA 4X clear front enclosure (7.9 X 4.7 X 3.5 inches) with two, liquid-tight cable fittings (one in, one out), a terminal strip, and provisions for mounting both a drying tube or bellows assembly, each sold separately.

Optional Accessories

Optional Accessories List

Various accessories for Keller products

Termination Enclosure

NEMA 4X termination enclosure