Level and Pressure Measurement

OEM Sensors Transducers and Transmitters

OEM Sensors Transducers and Transmitters

Keller is the world's largest independent manufacturer of media-isolated, piezoresistive pressure sensors, producing in excess of 1 million units every year. Keller sensors are produced in three basic configurations: gauge pressure sensors, absolute pressure sensors and sealed gauge pressure sensors. Each of these types benefits from over 30 years of continuous development in our ISO9000:2001-accredited headquarters. Optimized mechanical packaging insures effective media isolation without degrading performance. A large percentage of OEM sensors produced by Keller are used in our own pressure transducers and pressure transmitters, so Keller understands the OEM viewpoint. Keller's designs cover a broad spectrum of applications, from medical vascular intervention systems to down hole oil tools. Whatever the requirement, Keller can provide the solution!

OEM Sensors and Transducers

Series 2 / 4

Piezoresistive pressure sensors for absolute, gauge and differential pressure

Series 3L - 10L

Piezoresistive OEM Pressure transducers (with laser welded media-isolated diaphragm)

Series 6 / 6T

Piezoresistive oem capsule for sealed gauge and vented gauge pressures

Series 6S / SC

OEM all media pressure sensor

Series 7LI

OEM all media pressure sensor

Series 7S / 9S

OEM all media pressure sensor

Series 11

Piezoresistive pressure transducers absolute and gauge pressure

Series 13

High temperature water cooled pressure transducer

Series 15 / 15M

Piezoresistive pressure transducers flush diaphragm

Series M5

Ultra-Fast Miniature 200° Pressure Transducer

OEM Transmitters

Series 4LC - 9LC

Piezoresistive OEM Pressure Transmitters (with embedded signal conditioning)

Series 4LD - 9LD

Piezoresistive OEM Pressure Transmitters (with I2C interface and embedded signal conditioning)

Series D-Ei

Intrinsically Safe I2C OEM Pressure Transmitters

Series 7LY - 10LY

Media Isolated O.E.M. Pressure Transmitters

Series 9LX

Low Total Error Band O.E.M. Pressure Transmitters

Series 30X

OEM high accuracy analog digital output pressure transmitter