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DCX-38 VG Autonomous Capacitive Level Logger

DCX-38 VG Autonomous Capacitive Level Logger

The DCX-38 VG is an autonomous instrument for recording water level with a high resolution and full scale ranges as low as 0,5 mWC / 50 mbar. It features a rugged, gold-plated ceramic diaphragm for outstanding long-term stability and stainless steel housing with user serviceable battery for long service life.

The data collector can individually be adjusted to the user's needs and offers the following advantages:

  • Recording of the pressure and temperature
  • Simple and well-structured configuration and read-out software (Logger 5.x) for PC or PDA
  • Combination of event-controlled recording and interval recording prevents unnecessary data being recorded (i.e. only measuring the pressure changes)
  • Installation data (and comments) of the measuring station can be stored in the device

For data readout, the serial interface is accessed via the data port located on one end of the cable, enabling on site data retrieval. Using either the K-114A or K-113A converter cable, the DCX-38 VG connects easily to a laptop or PC via USB or serial port. Used in conjunction with Logger 5.X software, the DCX-38 VG is configured and data retrieved either in the lab or the field. The data can be processed i.e. graphical representation, exportation, compensation of ambient pressure as well as conversion into water level. The online function shows actual measurements of the device.

Pressure Ranges 0…50 mbar
0…100 mbar
0…300 mbar
Error Band max. 0,2 %FS
Resolution max. 0,002 %FS
Long Term Stability FS = 100 mbar: ± 0,1 %FS
FS = 100 mbar: ± 0,1 mbar

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