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DCX-16 Microbore Autonomous Level Logger

DCX-16 Microbore Autonomous Level Logger

The DCX-16 is an autonomous, battery-powered data collector in stainless steel housing with a very small 16mm diameter.  In applications where a small probe diameter is an advantage, the logger can record the water level (pressure) and the temperature over long periods.

The sensor, electronics, and battery are combined in one small diameter stainless steel housing. To extract data, the data collector must be removed from the measuring point, and the watertight screw cap that allows access to the read-out plug /interface must be unscrewed. The DCX-16 operates with an absolute pressure sensor. In shallow water, when the influence of air pressure fluctuations has to be taken into account, a second logger (barometric logger, sold separately) positioned on the surface of the water must be used to record the air pressure progression. The computer software then calculates the differential pressure or the water level by subtracting the two measured data.

Instead of a watertight screwed closure, these versions have a cable output. The interface plug is fixed on the sounding tube above the surface of the water with the help of a screw-on fixing disk. This means that there is no need to remove the DCX-16 SG/VG from the sounding tube in order to read the data.

In the VG version (reference pressure measurement), the reference pressure-compensating capillary is routed in the same cable into the read-out plug housing; this also contains the reference aperture (protected by a Gore-Tex® diaphragm) which produces the pressure equalization.

Pressure Ranges 0,8...11 bar
Error Band 0,1 %FS
Resolution max. 0,0025 %FS
Long Term Stability typ. 1 mbar

Logger 5:
Software for read-out and configuration of data loggers. The data can be processed i.e. graphical representation, exportation, compensation of ambient pressure as well as conversion into water level. The online function shows actual measurements of the device.

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