Level and Pressure Measurement

ADT-1 Remote Data Transmission and Data Logger

ADT-1 Remote Data Transmission and Data Logger

The remote data transmission unit ADT1-Tube is encased in a robust, stainless steel housing, which is ideally suited to installation in 2" monitoring pipes. The LoRa module, which can be configured on a country-specific basis, establishes a connection with the Internet and makes it possible to collect measurement data in a low-cost and energy-saving manner. These autonomous devices can be linked with digital level sensors and pressure transmitters in the KELLER D and X product lines. With three conventional, high-quality AA batteries, the system can operate autonomously for up to 5 years. The LoRaWAN provider can be selected freely or an in-house or open source infrastructure and associated services can be used. The easiest and most convenient way to access the collected data at the end of the transmission chain is via KOLIBRI Cloud from KELLER.

Connection LoRa
Transmission types SMS,
e-mail (POP, SMTP),
FTP (active, passive)
Battery Life Up to 5 years
Sensor interfaces

RS485 with KELLER bus protocol


The KOLIBRI Desktop offers simple and convenient software for reading and configuring data loggers locally. With 'live data', a connected device can record directly to the PC. Selected measurement data can be graphically displayed and exported.

KOLIBRI Cloud offers simple and convenient beta access to your measurement data with your own personal login and SSL encryption.The measurements can be displayed as graphs and the export function allows you to download your data as Excel or CSV files.

The user-friendly Datamanager software works as a central monitoring, controlling and organizing unit. It collects and displays measurements received from the ADT-1 unit and stores them in a MySQL database.

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